Friday, December 26, 2008

Marriage Blues

This is my only entry for the year I guess... :-)

Have been busy as hell, with a new problem compounding my already discombobulated life. My parents are scheming to end my bachelor bliss.
The marriage landscape seems to have changed tremendously since the 80's when truckloads of tearjekker films were inspired by it. In my honest opinion, the power imbalance between groom and bride's families has evened out to a large extent. Both now have an equal share of irrational demands and expectation. A goodwill gesture is mistaken for weakness and snobbishness is perceived as moral righteousness. Financial independence has resulted in chaotic wilderness rather than amalgamating prosperity with togetherness. The priorities being scavenged from a marriage seem to be headed downhill. The great institution of marriage is now embroiled in a cultural metamorphosis. Nevertheless, a new experience that is keeping me amused and humoured.