Friday, September 23, 2005

Flesh Trade Bias

Some serious thoughts on the outlook of our society about the so called "Sex workers". I happen to see that there is so much of hatred and prejudice against the females involved in the flesh trade. They are denounced and branded as the people of the lowest rung amonst human species. To begin with, I would like to question the moral basis of branding the female sex workers and absolving the men who indulge in this act as 'clients'. I understand that the women, most often, indulges in it for various reasons such as economical constraint, family or spouse pressure, or for some other factor. So there is some part of it that can be justified against the shouts decrying it. But why is the male counterpart who indulges in this act for the mere carnal pleasure of it, allowed to walk out of it with no scar. Is it the privelege of being a 'Guy'?
Another contrasting scenario is the one where the so called youth of today, indulge in pre-marital affairs and other wierd dating concepts (ok, I can hear many accusing me of being old fashioned). Well, technically speaking doesnt such events boil down to the same thing as described in the previous pharagraph :-) I am not talking about people going around (in other words, people in love, though I dont believe in that concept), it is more so about the ones who indulge in one night stands for the 'sheer thrill' of it.
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PizzaDude said...

U dont believe in the concept of LOVE ? Hmmmm..... Some how I dont believe that you dont believe in the concept of love.